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Thursday, March 4, 2010

DVD video on Near Death Experience

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There are some interesting documentaries on DVD video on the subject of Near Death Experience where you can learn from the people that lived through a NDE and hear and see in their own words how it felt, what they saw, and how it changed their life.

Round Trip: the near death experience
Directed by Tim O‘Reilly (40 Minutes)

Catherine's body gave out after eight years of debilitating illness. John ran out of oxygen while scuba diving. Mary had serious complications during childbirth. Alena's tour bus flipped over, tossing her on the pavement. Alan's heart fluttered, then stopped during surgery
In each case, these men and women left their bodies. They watched themselves "die." They were drawn into a great white light, where they felt unconditional love and deep joy. They all "came back" - reluctantly.

Though their life experiences are quite different, their Near Death Experiences are remarkably similar. In Round Trip, you'll share powerful, first-hand recollections from five people whose lives have been profoundly changed. You'll also hear from a philosopher, a parapsychologist and a theologian, who will help you interpret these extraordinary events.

Round Trip sheds light on several timeless questions:
What happens when we die?
Does our spirit live on?
Do we meet our deceased friends and relatives?

The Lazarus Phenomenon: A Glimpse of Eternity
Directed by Reghardt van den Bergh (77 Minutes)

Is there really life after death? What happens when we die? Has anyone really returned from the dead to tell us what lies beyond? A Gallup poll discovered that eight million American adults have had near death experiences, roughly one in twenty. This has spawned a renewed interest in the afterlife reality. The medical profession calls the "delayed spontaneous return of intrinsic circulation after cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation, The Lazarus Phenomenon." In our presentation we investigate the reality if any, of life after death. This thought provoking film features moving interviews with experts from the scientific, medical and religious fields as well as graphic and compelling testimonies of people who say they actually experienced the afterlife and returned shaken and changed forever! If you are one of the millions worldwide who has ever wondered what lies beyond, then this film is a must see!

The Final Frontier
Directed by David Priest (75 Minutes)

The Final Frontier is a documentary, which explains Near Death Experiences as an existing phenomenon from a scientific and Biblical perspective. The Final Frontier will make you think for a long time. No one returned from the grave to tell us the truth about life after death. Towards the ed of the twentieth century a phenomenon arose, in which people reported Near Death Experiences, otherwise known as NDE’s. Revived patients encountered some form of afterlife reality: heaven and hell.

This phenomenon of NDEs, in which revived patients report an extension of consciousness beyond clinical death, are not hallucinations, but a highly structured and organized phenomenon. NDE holds a message for mankind. Death is a reality and according to research and those who witnessed heaven and hell, we must think about our own lives. More and more scientific evidence tells us that life after death exists. Eventually we will all die and cross THE FINAL FRONTIER - heaven or hell - where we are going is a matter of choice.

In the following You Tube video we have the interesting case of Bradley Burroughs, blind from birth who claims to have been able to see clearly during his near death experience.

Video Link

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